Thursday, May 23, 2024

Project and spring update 2024

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well! I keep reminding myself to keep this updated and now I need to do that more than ever as I am now tremendously busy across a few different fronts.

The big news is that i am now a published Indigenous author in a collection of Indigenous poetry that is available for purcahse. The book is called mihko kiskisiwin - Blood Memory and you can purchase that book in a variety of different formats by going to the following lin. … e-book-by-going-here

I talk about the book along with some of the other authors
https://www.guelphme … 0d-2d4641b00b61.html

I also have been active in local media with my most recent appearance
https://www.guelphto … ce-to-gather-8742809

I also have had my official announcement of working Star Trek Adventures 2nd edition and that will be available later this summer. You can find out more information on the book by visiting the official website and you can easily pre order … dition-core-rulebook

I also am going to be returning to the airwaves at some point soon as I have taken a position at CFRU 93.3 as one of thier executive members of the board and have pitched a show which will bring a version of TWiG back to air. Look for that later on this spring / early summer and watch the typical social media channels.

Finally, I am in the beginnings of launching my first real online business which will be a Patreon that is meant for the tabletop RPG space. I’ll be doing TTRPG content which will incude podcasts, writing prompts, behind the scene of game development and the creative process and more. I am still deciding on a name but I am hoping to have a soft launch by June 22nd, 2024 for FREE RPG DAY

So I will be updating more in the coming weeks and I’ll share more when my Patreon launches and when I start doing media tours for my books.

If anyone wants to reach out for media tours then by all means get in toucn and we’ll chat

Til next time…

Be excellent to each other

Monday, September 25, 2023

New opportunites coming

Hey everyone

It’s been a while since I had a chance to update so its been a hot minute.

So here is my new Linktree for all my socials

I have recently moved on from the Guelph Mercury Tribune but am still continuing in the journalistic field. I do have a new part time gig set up and will be starting that in a few weeks.

I have signed on as a freelance writer for Star Trek adventures for Modiphus https://www.modiphiu … star-trek-adventures and am working on a few different things so stay tuned for more information.
Very exciting to enter the tabletop RPG field as a writer on one of my favorite properities.

I am also writing short fiction for a podcast called Weekly Spookies and you can find my first story here https://www.weeklysp … re-has-all-new-fear/
Several more are being produced and several more are being written.

I also will be launching a book later on this year and will have more details closer to the launch date this fall / winter.

Finally, I am also working on more short fiction which maybe Indigenous focused and will hopefully be published soon.

More updates soon, I promise especially as stuff goes to print and my reach expand.

Until next time, friendly friends

Be excellent to each other

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

So, it’s been a while!

Hey everyone!

So been a VERY busy few months here with my work at the Newspaper, college and just generally life but I need to keep this more updated.

I have a linktree now active

I am still active on Tiktok

I am going to be published this summer in a collection of Indigenous poetry so I’ll share more on that project when it goes into print.

Still very busy with accessibility consults around the city and doing my part for a better quality of life for disabled people in Guelph

More updates to come, I promise!

Monday, November 14, 2022

Another media appearance from a local fundraiser I was at last week

Here is an article from the local Guelph newspaper regarding a fundraiser I did recently

Indigenous and disability activist Ashkewe, who read several of his poems at the event, said he is proud of the work being done in Guelph, and the support that is building for protesters and Indigenous communities. He questioned the path to truth and reconciliation due to recent events like the pushing forward to drill the pipeline without informed consent from Indigenous Peoples. He also spoke of discovering a home and his Indigenous ancestry and learning of rights he was denied as a ’60s Scoop survivor.

“Some of my poetry today came from a very angry place,” he said. “But I am embracing certain values now and the seven grandfather teachings. The one I take with me is always love, because if you don’t have love in your heart, you put all that negativity out there in the world.”

https://www.guelphme … to-inspire-activism/

Monday, October 31, 2022

A recent appearance in the media OCTOBER 2022 RE: local election

https://www.guelphme … -municipal-election/

Guelph Indigenous community and disability activist Mike (O’dah ziibing) Ashkewe said he was happy with the “new faces on council and some of the ones returning.” He is confident that they share his views on the importance of accessibility and representation.

He called newly elected Erin Caton, Ward 1, a “champion” and said that “Guelph could not have asked for a better person when it comes to representing the disabled community.”

For Ashkewe, issues like accessibility and affordability in the city are top of mind as he said he may face limitations finding housing and accessing transportation with his wheelchair in the future. He also shared that he would love to see more support for creating Indigenous spaces and expanding the role of Indigenous Peoples in the city and at City Hall.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Another media appearance from this summer 2022

Hey everyone!

Short update but here is another media appearance from earlier this summer in local media.

https://www.guelphme … st-art-installation/

Hopefully you’ll check out my Tiktok and stuff as I am posting a lot of my exploration of the Guelph community and seeing all sorts of neat things happening around here.

Fully expect to see more stuff come up now that we are close to National truth and reconciliation day.

Talk soon, friends!

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

A couple of recent media appearances JULY 2022

Hey everyone,

Just a short series of links for a few interviews I did regarding the Pope’s visit to Canada and his apology to the Residential school survivors and their families.

https://kitchener.ct … ool-system-1.6001940 This one has video and is from CTV Kitchener … pe-francis-1.6531482
This is written by CBC and the reporter was really good at covering the event and letting me speak freely and authentically

My tiktok if you’re into that sorta thing

Monday, May 9, 2022

My indigenous naming ceremony (May 1 2022)

For 40 years, i have wondered who i was and wondered where i fit into the world.

I am Ojibwe and I am Indigenous Canadian. I didn’t look into my past until much later in my life.

This past year I began a journey that began with what I thought was a dream. I learned quickly that it was much more then a dream, it was a vision that i’d had since I was a child but it never clicked til this past January.

I dreamt that I was a Fox and i was something more then a man. I was seeing a land in a time before man could speak, before our lands were taken and when man,animal and spirit lived in harmony.

I continued to reach out and explore my visions and they came much more quickly and with a lot of clarity and intensity. I saw lakes and rivera during spring time, i watched storms roll in over Lake Huron and Georgian bay and finally i saw waterfalls that only the spirits knew of.

The Fox or Wagoosh was guiding me and I was him and i ran, jumped and explored and met many. I met Creator or an Avatar of him, i met a Makwa (bear) spirit. I learned to explore these visions to hear, taste and touch and more.

I began smudging this month and offering tobacco and things started to change.

I started to change.

Time went on and I knew it was time.

I sought out a person who was an Elder and a person that I knew I could trust. I believe Creator puts people in your life when you need them and this was my time.

I felt very deep down in my heart that it was time.

It was time to know who i was on a deeper level, to know myself in a new way.

To know my Spirit name.

I asked my elder and he agreed and a date was set.

During the few weeks leading up to the ceremony, i was not afraid but occasionally nervous because what if it wasn’t time.

However, i knew deep down that my body was afraid but my spirit was not.

Wagoosh had lead me this far. Creator had guided my voice and words when i smudged.

This was my time and it was time to prepare.

I spent many nights meditating, offering tobacco and feast to the spirits that i can see and hear.

One of my special gifts is that i am aware of spirits and see them frequently. My home is a safe space for those who are lost and if i can help then i will.

Part of the tradition is to give a gift to your elder that means something and wrap it in red cloth with some tobacco.

I chose something that has become very important to me and how i live in the world.

Days passed and i continued until this past Sunday.

I did one final offering of tobacco and i smudged and i knew i was as ready as i was going to be.

Sunday afternoon came and i met my elder. He is a warm and generous man with experience, love and truly someone who does great work.

Now some details i will leave out here because some of it is personal and those are for a few chosen few but i’ll continue to tell this story.

Blaire, Shanyn and myself and my elder smudged and cleansed our minds,spirits and bodies of all negativity and existed in the moment.

My elder began the ceremony.

There was singing,drumming and communing with something powerful and beautiful.

I watched a flame during the ceremony and i saw things in it that were clear as daylight. I saw a woman bathed in a golden light, i saw loons dancing on a lake, the crow, the eagle, the beaver and much more.

The ceremony continued and I was given something special by the spirits and was watched over by my ancestors.

I was given gifts and knowledge that will make my journey in life very special. I know in my heart what my path forward is.

I was visited by a Mukwa (bear) and was told I have the ability to be a medicine keeper. This is special because it is rare.

The ceremony is nearing its end and i can FEEL the energy in the room change as i lovingly looked into the flame. I am surrounded by my ancestors, my family and love.

I am told that my spirit guide is Wagoosh and he will always be with me to guide me to safety and comfort.

I was then told my name.

My name is O’dah ziibing

It means Heart of the river.

My heart travels within the water and i deliver food,drink and healing to all. I help sustain life for everyone.

I cried when i heard my name and i cried when i first spoke my name with my own voice.

We then concluded the ceremony with a feast to the spirits and Creator. Blaire made venison,fry bread,fish, wild rice casserole and it was delicious.

We offered a plate to Creator and the spirits who joined us as well.

My elder departed and we shook hands and i thanked him profusely. I wish i had hugged him before he left in retrospect.

I am learning to say my name and where i am from in Ojibwe. Its a process but i’ll get there.

It was easily one of the most beautiful days of my life.

I am grateful for everyone who has been apart of my journey and has followed it from near or far.

I am Michael David O’dah Ziibing Ashkewe and my journey to make things better for everyone is just beginning.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Welcome to

I’m Mike Ashkewe and this is my digital portfolio as of April 2022.

Sounds simple enough right?

I wanted to be able to feature my work in an easily accessible format and be easily search for people who might come looking. I have been in the web space since 2007 and I have found in my experience that simplicity is best and that saves everyone time. I made sure to add easy ways to contact me professionally and my publicly available social media on the right hand side of this entry.

I also have gone an additional step and embedded some Soundcloud clinks on some of my works such as my poems so that you have an audio option if that is more of your preferred method of consumption. I do advocate for the disability community so I wanted to build in some accessible functions such as audio support. If you find something does not work, then please reach out to me.

This space is intended to be a growing and evolving place for the creative works that I intend to work at. I have created categories, that will make easy to search such as poems, short fiction, RPG related material and finally other projects and personal updates.

Poems will be the most update to section as that is the component that I most recently worked on. It was a lot of fun to tap into some different emotions and write non fiction as opposed to sci fi, horror and fantasy. I have discovered that I really enjoy writing poetry and I do hope to write continuously in that space especially when comes to my Ojibwe heritage.

Short fiction is a section that is small for now because I only have a few short stories ready. I do like to write in a variety of genres with my favorites being horror, sci fi and most recently a cyberpunk spin on romance. It’s exciting to create this in this space and see what comes out of the old keyboard at 2 am on a Thursday night. I’ll likely post short stories and maybe some intro chapters to novellas.

Maybe I’ll do the whole writing November thing.

It sounds fun.

This originally started out as a “project” for school but is growing into something more. My ambitions are high so let’s see what I can accomplish with some elbow grease and learning to code again for the first time in a long time.

This is the beginning of something I hope will be exciting, enlightening and entertaining.