Thursday, May 23, 2024

Project and spring update 2024

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well! I keep reminding myself to keep this updated and now I need to do that more than ever as I am now tremendously busy across a few different fronts.

The big news is that i am now a published Indigenous author in a collection of Indigenous poetry that is available for purcahse. The book is called mihko kiskisiwin - Blood Memory and you can purchase that book in a variety of different formats by going to the following lin. … e-book-by-going-here

I talk about the book along with some of the other authors
https://www.guelphme … 0d-2d4641b00b61.html

I also have been active in local media with my most recent appearance
https://www.guelphto … ce-to-gather-8742809

I also have had my official announcement of working Star Trek Adventures 2nd edition and that will be available later this summer. You can find out more information on the book by visiting the official website and you can easily pre order … dition-core-rulebook

I also am going to be returning to the airwaves at some point soon as I have taken a position at CFRU 93.3 as one of thier executive members of the board and have pitched a show which will bring a version of TWiG back to air. Look for that later on this spring / early summer and watch the typical social media channels.

Finally, I am in the beginnings of launching my first real online business which will be a Patreon that is meant for the tabletop RPG space. I’ll be doing TTRPG content which will incude podcasts, writing prompts, behind the scene of game development and the creative process and more. I am still deciding on a name but I am hoping to have a soft launch by June 22nd, 2024 for FREE RPG DAY

So I will be updating more in the coming weeks and I’ll share more when my Patreon launches and when I start doing media tours for my books.

If anyone wants to reach out for media tours then by all means get in toucn and we’ll chat

Til next time…

Be excellent to each other