Monday, September 25, 2023

New opportunites coming

Hey everyone

It’s been a while since I had a chance to update so its been a hot minute.

So here is my new Linktree for all my socials

I have recently moved on from the Guelph Mercury Tribune but am still continuing in the journalistic field. I do have a new part time gig set up and will be starting that in a few weeks.

I have signed on as a freelance writer for Star Trek adventures for Modiphus https://www.modiphiu … star-trek-adventures and am working on a few different things so stay tuned for more information.
Very exciting to enter the tabletop RPG field as a writer on one of my favorite properities.

I am also writing short fiction for a podcast called Weekly Spookies and you can find my first story here https://www.weeklysp … re-has-all-new-fear/
Several more are being produced and several more are being written.

I also will be launching a book later on this year and will have more details closer to the launch date this fall / winter.

Finally, I am also working on more short fiction which maybe Indigenous focused and will hopefully be published soon.

More updates soon, I promise especially as stuff goes to print and my reach expand.

Until next time, friendly friends

Be excellent to each other