Monday, November 14, 2022

Another media appearance from a local fundraiser I was at last week

Here is an article from the local Guelph newspaper regarding a fundraiser I did recently

Indigenous and disability activist Ashkewe, who read several of his poems at the event, said he is proud of the work being done in Guelph, and the support that is building for protesters and Indigenous communities. He questioned the path to truth and reconciliation due to recent events like the pushing forward to drill the pipeline without informed consent from Indigenous Peoples. He also spoke of discovering a home and his Indigenous ancestry and learning of rights he was denied as a ’60s Scoop survivor.

“Some of my poetry today came from a very angry place,” he said. “But I am embracing certain values now and the seven grandfather teachings. The one I take with me is always love, because if you don’t have love in your heart, you put all that negativity out there in the world.”

https://www.guelphme … to-inspire-activism/