Sunday, April 3, 2022

Welcome to

I’m Mike Ashkewe and this is my digital portfolio as of April 2022.

Sounds simple enough right?

I wanted to be able to feature my work in an easily accessible format and be easily search for people who might come looking. I have been in the web space since 2007 and I have found in my experience that simplicity is best and that saves everyone time. I made sure to add easy ways to contact me professionally and my publicly available social media on the right hand side of this entry.

I also have gone an additional step and embedded some Soundcloud clinks on some of my works such as my poems so that you have an audio option if that is more of your preferred method of consumption. I do advocate for the disability community so I wanted to build in some accessible functions such as audio support. If you find something does not work, then please reach out to me.

This space is intended to be a growing and evolving place for the creative works that I intend to work at. I have created categories, that will make easy to search such as poems, short fiction, RPG related material and finally other projects and personal updates.

Poems will be the most update to section as that is the component that I most recently worked on. It was a lot of fun to tap into some different emotions and write non fiction as opposed to sci fi, horror and fantasy. I have discovered that I really enjoy writing poetry and I do hope to write continuously in that space especially when comes to my Ojibwe heritage.

Short fiction is a section that is small for now because I only have a few short stories ready. I do like to write in a variety of genres with my favorites being horror, sci fi and most recently a cyberpunk spin on romance. It’s exciting to create this in this space and see what comes out of the old keyboard at 2 am on a Thursday night. I’ll likely post short stories and maybe some intro chapters to novellas.

Maybe I’ll do the whole writing November thing.

It sounds fun.

This originally started out as a “project” for school but is growing into something more. My ambitions are high so let’s see what I can accomplish with some elbow grease and learning to code again for the first time in a long time.

This is the beginning of something I hope will be exciting, enlightening and entertaining.