Sunday, April 3, 2022

Stand our ground

We hear the sounds of screaming sirens and ground trembles at sounds of approaching boots
My brothers and sisters hold hands together in protection of the sacred behind us
We breathe in the choking gas of attempted subjugation and still we resist
Our land is not yours for the taking
Black masks and body armor march towards us wearing uniforms of lies & false protection
My family is unafraid and undeterred against the oncoming juggernaut
Clashes of flesh against metal as blows wrapped in laws of long dead conquerors rain down
Through defiant tears and blood, we look into your eyes and see the hesitation at your master’s orders
Restraints bind our hands and violently we are taken off our feet and forced to the ground
We cry out and let the wind carry our fury far and wide across the lands of ancestral memory
We are not alone as more of us emerge and surge forward to push back the invaders
Authority realizes it doesn’t hold sway here despite it’s best efforts
Broken chains fall from our wrists and we howl towards the sky victorious
We chant and we drum and let the sound of thunder be our guide as you cower from us
This is our land
Not yours