Sunday, April 3, 2022

Highway of tears

Worn shoes begging for direction against desolate concrete roads leading far from safety.
Frigid winds assault the face of a another girl and promise to wipe away tears of fear and worry
A horizon unfamiliar approaches welcoming its new visitor with unknown intentions
Faces behind glass watch as the traveler continues forward never knowing their stories
Gasoline’s fumes cling onto fading prayers
A predator has found their prey on hopes and wishes of mercy
Smiles hide behind depraved intentions of forbidden savagery
The monsters gaze looks deep into the heart of this innocent and it can taste fear intoxicating
Another is taken from life’s grasp violently and screaming into unyielding darkness
The sun rises upon another traveler as they walk looking for something better
Evil knows it holds unchallenged power of a cruel God taking lives at a whim on this sad highway
The next traveler wonders if any will mourn her if she is taken in the night like so many before her.
We are lost names to be etched in forgotten graves forever silenced
The night is waiting to indulge it’s next horrible crime that will go unpunished