Friday, April 1, 2022


Paths that crossed for reasons unknown and bonded deep and true
Words spoken through glances and smiles spread volumes of memories ever eternal.
You held me up when I was in tireless toil and in return I shared the joyfulness inside my heart.
Fast companions in the adventure path ahead and never did we fear the roads as long as we faced it together.
Never did we question each other’s loyalty and understood the price of such commitments.
Nights never seemed dark and lonely when you were always there to be confidant and holder of all that I was and could hope to be.
The trust eternal.
Possibilities swam around us but never found home in the familiar but we knew the waters were always safe there.
I never felt as safe as I did with my back to you as yours to mine as we would protect each other with no quarter being given to any foe who dared come into our sacred space.