Thursday, March 31, 2022


Torn away from lands of dance and song to prisons of mercy and watched over by an invisible God that I do not recognize as Creator strips my language from my tongue and replaces it with new universal gibberish.

Spirit expunged from my mouth and replace with hollowness and faith conceived in fear and not of respect. Spirit still clings to me as it is washed without concern as they take the color from mine to match theirs.

Assimilated, forgotten and brought to the white savior and longing for brother,sister and those who spoke to the unseen who glided the forest of ancestors and ran through fields unmolested.

A history of forgeries and half truths disguised as gospel and forbidden knowledge of true self buried under guilt and held in place for table scraps at tables waited on by others screaming for their rightful place.

Freezing nights wrap icy tendrils inviting an escape to oblivion but we endure despite it. Manufactured clothes that reek of chemical and moan angrily against the skin of the taken, the stolen, the first.

Shattered, left feeble and empty handed, we will stand tall in the stories of those who shall listen. Blood soaked land and graves of the hidden mark their inhumanity to be uncovered by machine guided justice. Thunder falls from the sky as something lurches forward from time immaterial to shake ground and foe alike.

A reckoning comes and is led by fire, word and need, our pain writes a path forward for those left behind.

Birdman ยท Taken