Thursday, March 31, 2022


Snow upon ground disappears under foot as I effortlessly glide through the brush of ancient birch and pine.
Delicate and silent in the of the Odin sleep of summer’s distant memories, this landscape ruled by ice and frost.
Fallen tears from winter’s embrace sparkle in the moonlight as I dash forward relentlessly towards the throne of my frozen kingdom.
Magnificent light bathes the landscape in the brilliance of the hunter’s moon.
My moon.
I am cunning and wit given form of red and white and I am undeterred by those who would hunt me and underestimated by those who are my prey.
A scent on the the breeze alerts me to something who has decided to disturb the stillness.
Is it hunter or prey?
Do I stalk them from afar or pounce on them and take my chance with the chase?
I already know and my four legs are in motion running and the blood pumps faster than the my heart can take and I am alive.
I run and I run and I look sharp eyes and see the foot falls of an innocent who doesn’t know Mother Earth has already decided it’s fate.
Our eyes meet and faster ever forward does my body move and a quick flash of teeth and bone It is done.
Life paints the snow a deep crimson and the forest is again quiet.
The price is paid to the thief king in the night and I retreat til I can once more reclaim my frozen seat over the ever timeless winter and night.