Published by admin on Wednesday, March 30, 2022


My name is Mike Ashkewe but that wasn’t always the case. I was born Michael Dodd and that was my adopted name, you see, I am a 60’s scoop survivor. I was given up for adoption and raised by a non indigenous family and outside of my culture and practices. I was marginally aware of my identity for many years but still suffered racism and bullying as a result of it. I did not know of my Mother’s identity for many years and would not find my biological father til almost 40 year later.

Coming from a particularly horrifying part of Canadian history is certainly a hard thing to have over someone’s head and life but it can change things in unexpected ways. You can learn to draw strength from it and let it make you better than your circumstances. You can share your story of survival and maybe it can help other by giving them strength and hope they never had previously.

However being raised in rural small town Ontario does teach certain things that can’t be learned inside of a classroom. I quickly learned that being quick, clever and were the easiest ways to survive and adapt to a hostile environment. Artistic pursuits such as those offered by drama, creative writing, and even fun activities such as roleplaying games would lead to a life in the creative arts. Adaptivity, creativity often go hand in hand and being able to use this to survive and thrive once I left home was something that I’ll be forever grateful for.

I am currently serving as my region Indigenous representative for a political party here that opened up new eyes and new drives to learn and more. My indigenous identity is something I am choosing to draw strength and courage from now on and until the end of my days. I am seeking my true name, my spirit name and while that quest is ongoing, it is amazing and something that influences my writing greatly. There is something that I draw from the sounds of drumming,the chants of our singers and the rhythm of Pow Wow dancers.

I began a creative journey during the COVID pandemic and part of that was undertaking areas I was unprepared and uneducated in. Creating fiction and creating poems has unleashed a new passion in me to express thought, feeling and let all out into the world. I began taking courses through various colleges and universities to further my educational goals and eventually work towards a new career path.

I want to accomplish much as a writer but who doesn’t say that when creating? Do I want to do book tours or crave fame on a bestseller’s list?

Not really.

Sounds funny doesn’t it?

I want to share with you some intimate thoughts, feelings and adventures with you all at the same time.

I want to invite you to explore areas of your own experience when it comes to emotions.

I want to help you express things in new ways that you hadn’t considered before.

I want to incite you to act to help or to raise awareness, raise your fist to air in defiant cry.

I want you to come with me as we go off into new and exciting directions as we explore things together.

What do I want to accomplish as a writer,poet, artist?

I want to free that spirit inside me and have you along for a most unexpected adventure.