Writer's Manifesto

Published by admin on Wednesday, March 30, 2022


Why do I write poetry?

Why do I write at all?

The simple answer would be to say that it’s self expression but I think it goes a bit deeper than that. I like to explore possibilities and see the threads between the possible and the impossible. The idea that we inhabit a unique time and space in the universe and presuming that we also exist in multiple universes means so much possibility and impossibility at the same time.

That’s exciting when you approach writing because you already have created the genre defining poem, the award winning journalism or the world shattering novel. I like to try and exist in this space as a writer because I want to connect to as many possibilities as possible and explore what can be with limited abilities confined to the scope of human experience.

There are many experiences I have had both of amazing heights but also terrifying depths and despite all that, I like exploring them. There are times where the pull of discovering long repressed feelings of love, rage and everything in between can be all consuming. Writing allows me to take apart each facet of existence both real and created and focus into crystal clarity, that’s what I want to bring to my audience.

That last word “audience” is important because of my background as an entertainer since 2007. It’s one thing to come out and take center stage and let the hot lights hold on you and you alone. That is a rush and a calling that I think a special few actually answer and embrace. I like to entertain,enthrall,entice and envelope in words,emotion and whatever else is stirred up by writing and performing those words in other methods. I want to welcome you with an open hand to our stage and we shall share it together.

I also write poetry for a more spiritual reason as well. I am Ojibwe,Chippawa of Nawash, an indigenous Canadian and that means something more so now than it has in the last 40 years. I am on a quest to explore my spirituality and find that primal connection to the Creator of all things. I have touched something through dreams, waking visions and I crave to know it all encompassing. Connecting to my lost heritage is something that has been a journey that was denied to me until recent memory. Observing ceremony, participating in sacred fire and looking for my spirit name are all influences I bring into my writing when it comes to poems on Indigenous experience from my perspective.

I do also write to express a rage that has been building since I learned about the atrocities committed against my people since long before I was born and continue right now. There is something powerful about writing in a stream of consciousness style that empowers and lets flow something more than dramatic. Writing as I feel impassioned brings something new and authentic to the surface and I hope it springs it in others. I didn’t expect to be so inspired by authors like Ginsberg because I didn’t understand it at first but as I channeled, it became more and more clear. I also feel a connection to other authors who write in a confessional style as well because that lets out deeper and almost secret feelings and thats empowering as well to share.

I write to create.

I write to explore.

I create because exploring emotion,possibility and thought is a journey that expands the mind and soul.

I write because I want you to feel what I feel.

I write because I want those emotions, thoughts and experiences to live forever.